Information about Spider Species

Here's some information on the most common spiders world-wide. Click on the picture of the spider to go that page.

Bird Eating Spider
Black House Spider
Black Widow Spider
Black & Yellow Argiope
Brazilian Wandering Spider
Brown Recluse Spider
Comb Footed Spider
Common House Spider
Cyclosa Conica
Daddy Long Legs
Darwin's Bark Spider
Fishing Spider
False Widow Spider
Flower Spider
Funnel Weaver
Ground Spider
Hobo Spider
Jewelled Spider
Jumping Spider
Lady Bird Spider
Leaf Curling Spider
Lynx Spider
Magnificent Spider
Mouse Spider
Neoscona Semarak
Net Casting Spider
Orb Weaver
Portia Spider
Purse Web Spider
Red & Black Spider
Red-back Spider
Silver Orb
Spitting Spider
St Andrews Cross
Tailess Whip Scorpion
Tent Spider
Trapdoor Spider
Tree Trunk Spider
Triangular Spider
Two Spined Spider
Water Spider
White Tailed Spider
Wolf Spider
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