Spider Closeups

Here's some great close-up photos sent in by viewers.  Click each image for a larger view. Many thanks for allowing us to use the photos sent in. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. 


Came across some beautiful closeups on Facebook from Kevin Weiner who has given me permission to show some of his wonderful spider photos. Click here for a page I made for his work. Here's another page with some great shots sent in by one of my viewers. Click here.  And here's another of South African Spiders sent in by Hannes.  Click here. 

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Zebra spider
Wolf Spider
Wolf Spider with prey
Wolf SPider with Bee
Wolf Spider Eyes
Wolf Spider carrying spiderlings
Water spider
Venusta with mosquito
Venusta Orchard Weaver with prey
Venusta Orchard Weaver Closeup
Unknow Spider
Trapdoor Spider
Trapdoor spider in burrow
Tarantula eyes
Spider with Egg Sac
Spider fangs closeup
Spider Closeups
Silver Argiope
Rain Spider
Pink Crab Spider with prey
Orbweaver with prey
Orbweaver Feeding
Orb Weaver Wrapping Prey
Ogre Faced Spider Closeup
Ogre Faced Spider Closeup 1
Nice Tarantula
Mouse Spider
Mouse SPider with ruler
More jumping spider eyes
Marbled Orb Weaver
Marbled Orb Weaver Closeup
Lynx Spider
Lynx spider on plant
Jumpinger spider eyes closeup
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Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider with Insect
Jumping Spider from off the car door
Jumping spider eyes
Jumping spider eyes again
Jewelled Spider
Icky spider
Green Lynx Spider
Garen Orb Weaver
Garden Orb Weaver
Garden Orb Weaver with prey
Garden Orb Weaver with Insect
Garden Orb Weaver in Web
Furrow Spider
Funnel Weaver Fangs
Flowers and a Spider
Fishing Spider
Fishing Spider with Egg Sac
Fishing Spider pic
Female Nursery Spider with Egg Sac
False Widow
Eyes of Ogre Faced Spider
Dolodemes sp.
Daddy Long legs with eggs
Daddy Long Legs eggs
Crab Spider on Flower
Closeup of Spider Cephalothorax
Cephalothorax of Garden Orb Weaver
Camel Spider
Brown Widow
Black Jumper on White Fence
Black and Yellow Argiope
Black & Yellow Argiope with prey
Black & Yellow Argiope also with prey
Argiope with web
Argiope with cricket
Achaearanea tepidariorum
Argiope with Prey
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Jumping Spider